Using Postfix Admin


Before you can do anything with Postfix Admin (PA) you must login with the admin information for your domain. we suggest opening the postfix admin link in a separate window and following along with these instructions.

Basic menu options

At the top of the screen, under the header, you will see:

Overview Add Alias Add Mailbox Send Email Password View Log Logout

Below that you will see a concise listing of what each option does:

Add Alias
Add Mailbox
Send Email
View Log

List your aliases and mailboxes. You can edit / delete them from here.
Create a new alias for your domain.
Create a new mailbox for your domain.
Send an email to one of your newly created mailboxes.
Change the password for your admin account.
View the log files.
Logout from the system

Some important things to point out:

  1. If you are administrator for multiple domains, the Overview link will allow you to view each domain, one at a time.
  2. You create an Alias if you want an email address where the mail is forwarded on to another email address. For example, if your mail addressed to "internationalsales@mydomain.tld" should be delivered to "bob@largeISP.Net" you would want an alias.
  3. Mailboxes are for setting up email address that will be checked directly without being forwarded on to somwhere else.
  4. You have a limited number of aliases and mailboxes you can create, but more mailboxes may be purchased by contacting our sales staff